Escuela las Carolinas

Training hotel professionals since 2004

A safe bet to improve quality of hotel’s services
asociación empresarial de hostelería de cantabria

“Las Carolinas” is a project that “Asociación Empresarial de Hostelería de Cantabria” launched in 2004 with the objective to form qualified workers able to get a work at the end of the learning period.

It is, without doubt, a commitment to increase the quality of hotel services by Cantabrian businessmen.

Teachers and students develop together this project at “Las Carolinas”, a School-Accommodation with 13 rooms and a 30 guests capacity diningroom.

The complex, formed by the original house (dating from 1860 and completely rehabilitated) and the new building, has reception, 13 rooms, kitchen, classrooms (including a classroom with built-in kitchen), the offices of the AEHC , a garden with trees, some of them centenaries, and a parking lot.


Las Carolinas School’s project objetive is to supply the hotel industry with qualified personnel by forming profesionals in the different scopes of the industry.

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